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What's Childhood Without a Little Drama?


New Day Children’s Theatre does so much more than produce quality shows. Behind the scenes, we are creating countless opportunities for all children to learn and grow by being involved in something bigger than themselves. Regardless of race, skill, cognitive differences, or ability to pay, we meet children wherever they are, exactly as they are, and equip them with skills to help them be successful not just on the stage, but in life.




New Day Children's Theatre was founded in 2006 with the intention of providing a safe place for children in the community to discover their gifts through quality theatre productions and programs. Within six months of opening, New Day produced two main stage productions and was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. New Day has impacted thousands of participants and audience members in the past 15 years producing more than 45 shows as well as numerous camps and workshops.

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We believe in making theater accessible to all children regardless of race, skill level, cognitive differences, or ability to pay. It is our goal to provide a quality arts program in a nurturing environment that fosters building relationships and empowering children​ while developing character through mutual respect and collaboration. ​We are shaping future leaders and artists through the art of theatre. At New Day we like to lead by example and are committed to conducting all business with honesty and integrity in a fiscally responsible manner.

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