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Child Protection Policy

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New Day Children’s Theatre provides theatre programs to children of all experience levels. New Day provides a nurturing environment where children come together to build relationships and develop character through mutual respect and teamwork. The purpose of the Child Protection Policy (CPP) is to provide policies, procedures, and guidelines to create and maintain a safe learning environment where children can express their creativity. The CPP applies to all New Day Children’s Theatre activities including rehearsals, workshops, classes, and activities including off-site partnership programs.



​Background checks, including child abuse and criminal, are conducted on all staff at New Day, as well as volunteers who work with youth who are not accompanied by staff or parents. No person shall be permitted to take part in youth programs and activities who has been charged with any kind of child abuse (physical, emotional, or sexual).


In-person interviews are conducted for all persons working with New Day programs including productions, workshops, classes, and activities.​


Three personal references are checked for each staff member or volunteer working directly with children.

Code of Conduct

The safety of our students is our primary concern. Children under the age of twelve (12) must be supervised at all times by a staff member, an authorized volunteer of New Day, or by their parents or legal guardians. We ​adhere to the “rule of three” whenever possible requiring at least two adults or two youth in a group at all times. If a one-on-one situation is unavoidable, the adult and youth shall stay in an open, public area where they can be seen by others at all times. For online and virtual experiences with children, two staff members must be present at all times, including any breakout sessions. All sessions will be recorded for the safety and security of those participating.


Inappropriate language or remarks that are derogatory, discriminatory, or sexual in nature will not be tolerated. Physical contact shall be minimal and appropriate for the child's age. Adults shall gain students’ approval before physically touching them to show correct posture or movement for skills being taught.


Only authorized staff and volunteers are permitted access to enter the backstage area of the theatre. With the exception of immediate family, visitors are not allowed in the theatre without permission. Photographing or making videos of children other than for program-related purposes is prohibited. For program-related purposes, photos or videos may be taken only after the child’s parent or guardian has signed an appropriate waiver.​



New Day staff and volunteers working with youth who are not accompanied by parents shall be given a copy of the CPP annually and sign the acknowledgment form of receipt and understanding. Staff and volunteers working directly with youth who are not accompanied by parents or teachers and all staff at New Day Children’s Theatre shall complete the Stewards of Children/Darkness to Light online training program every three years. 

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