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Sensory Friendly Performances

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New Day believes in sharing the benefits of theatre with all children in our community.  Unfortunately, some children are unable to attend theatre performances because of a disability or sensory processing difference such as autism. Children with neurodiversities can find loud noises, lighting, and other stimuli during a theatrical performance difficult and even scary at times.  New Day wants to ensure that all children have an opportunity to enjoy live theatre in a safe, judgment-free environment creating a positive experience that is welcoming to everyone.


Several accommodations are made for our sensory friendly performances. Lighting in the theatre remains on at a low level during the entire performance and there is plenty of space throughout the theater for standing and movement as patrons are free to talk and leave their seats. Strobe lighting and sound levels are reduced to help eliminate startling effects and there are designated quiet areas within the theatre for anyone needing a respite.


If you have any questions or would like to find out how your organization can benefit from this wonderful program, please email for more information.

Read more about our Sensory Friendly program in the news article linked below. 

Sensory Friendly Performances are presented through a generous partnership with AutoZone.

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